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Q. Does The Happy Birthday Gift Book contain anything other than cartoons, one-liners and humorous material?

A. Yes, the book lists famous people who were born each day of the year, and important events which occurred on each day of the year, so that the birthday person can find out interesting facts about his or her special day. The book also contains the twelve zodiac signs, together with humorous comments about the various personality characteristics associated with each sign.

Q. Is a book really an appropriate gift?

A. Definitely. The Happy Birthday Gift Book looks like an attractively wrapped gift package.  It even has an embossed red ribbon on the cover.

Most people give this book as their primary birthday gift. Some choose the book as an additional gift together with other items that they may have purchased for the birthday person.

Q. Who can be expected to like and appreciate this gift book?

A. The book has been designed to appeal to both men and women. It is almost certain to be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 18. Although the book does not contain objectionable materials for anyone younger than 18, it is less likely to be fully enjoyed by such a younger person.

Q. Is this the kind of book one would read from beginning to end at a single sitting?

A. Probably not. The book contains so many cartoons and so much humorous material that a person would be more likely to pick it up repeatedly, reading and laughing over a few pages, and coming back to it a little later. It is a gift that will be enjoyed and remembered for a long time.



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