We asked a cross-section of purchasers of The Happy Birthday Gift Book to give us their reactions to this humorous gift. Here are some typical responses:

“What a clever idea. A book that looks like a gift box.”
— Jack Wilson, Seattle, WA

“I was looking for something different to give my brother-in-law. He has everything and it is hard to find a gift for him. Your birthday book was the answer.”
— Jean Norcia, Dayton, OH

“The birthday book which you people publish is a wonderful gift because it is something a person will enjoy for a long time. I am glad I found it.”
— Amy Antonelli, Tucson, AZ

“The contents of the birthday book are unbelievably funny. Your author should be on television.”
— Frank DeJesus, Westwood, NJ

“I bought your book as a present for someone who works with me. I enjoyed the cartoons in the book so much that I bought another copy for myself. That must be OK because I am going to have a birthday next month.”
— Cathy Huebner, Toronto, Canada


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